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Before you eat

A perfectly “digestible” 4-minute meditation for anyone to use to ground yourself before a meal. You’ll gain a moment of respite, and spiritual nourishment that deepens your connection with the inner self. Suitable for both beginners and seasoned meditators, use this short session every time you sit down to eat!

nourish yourself

The ingredients we choose for our abundant plate meals set the stage for the way our insides receive it’s blessing. Whether you’re designing your menu for the day, or for a party, you can use this short recipe guide to help curate the perfect blend of rich, energy-aligned foods. 

remove your energy blocks

A quick & simple quiz that will locate your most blocked energy center, also known as a chakra. Exploring this will reveal unknown depths that may have been hidden from the naked eye.

Sarah Vie Sacred Kitchen book 1 - Life Coach, Reiki Master, Meditation

meditation with Vie

join the circle

Every weekend, a group of beautiful souls gather to gain support and get grounded. Want to learn how to live an abundant life and manifest your dreams?