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Beautiful Soul,

It fills me with great joy to have you here.

Thank you for having the inner wisdom and courage to want to elevate and reconnect to your authentic self.

As your guide, I will show you endless possibilities in your mind, body and soul.

The guiding light of someone who has faced similar experiences, is the most powerful space for self healing.

I invite you to experience the journey from self exploration to the highest level of self connection.

It’s not just about having what you want but wanting and desiring what you already have.

As a Reiki Master, I will guide you back to the golden light of your energy life force with practical guidance, as well as understanding the hidden secrets of its powerful effects.

Come with me on this unique journey of your higher expansion.

Sarah Vie

Master Life Coach & Reiki Healer
Aligning you mind, body & spirit

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The Journey to Vie

The journey to Vie or “life” began in a time when I knew in my heart something was not quite right within me. That tug or inner emptiness that I experienced, was almost becoming a part of me, but I knew it didn’t belong. This feeling was the turning point to discover what was missing in the core of my inner foundation.

As a child, I felt as if I was living someone else’s life, not my own. Being the childhood equestrian was not something I chose. It was something I was told to do. This as well as many others beliefs, became my false identity that I grew up believing was me.

My self expansion into my truth, began 5 years ago. Meditation was my first instrument I experienced to allow the many layers of my outer false shell, to start melting away. Some of the layers were deeper than others, but I knew with emotional self kindness, I would be able to crack what I already sensed was inside.

With the practice of quieting my mind, I started to understand what thoughts and beliefs were mine and which ones belonged to someone else. Meditation not only changed my life but it saved my life.

Deepening my learning with schooling, was a part of becoming closer to my lifes’ purpose. My calling was deeper than the knowledge I acquired as a Master Health Coach. My inner self shouted, “go deeper”. I continued the process of unearthing, understanding and cultivating my inner being.

When I committed to the work to harvest the seeds of my true self, I began inviting in my true calling or purpose into this beautiful life.

Reiki was the next tool that allowed me to reach inner enlightenment of happiness, joy, truth and authenticity. Creating the wide and solid foundation through energy healing, penetrated yet another layer. The old energy was dammed up by the old beliefs from the past and was ready to be cleared. Clearing the energy and healing through Reiki, allowed me to see my life in an expanded triangular shape. The stronger and wider the inner foundation, the higher the flight of self actualization.

I am now here, with myself, heart centered, living my purpose and being of service to those that will stop at nothing to live a life full of deep inner happiness and joy. Living a life guided to the truest connection of self love.

Pure Love,
Sarah Vie
Not Sure Where to Begin?