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Come with me on a journey inward to unlock the truth of your Being. The being which was birthed to you. Your infinite truth, your spiritual awakening and authentic self love awaits. With the practice of Meditation, energy healing and embodiment mentoring, I will take you to a place of healing.

Inner Child Healing Session

Spark your Inner Creativity and raise your inner vibration. Did you know that your unhealer “Inner Child” could be running your life? Inside of us all are the wounds our "Little Me" still carries around. That Little Me developed coping mechanisms that were good for you at the time, but most likely no longer serve you as an adult. We often forget about those as they become a part of who we are. It's important, now that we're adults, that we learn new coping skills and use appropriate coping tools. We will begin to scratch the surface and understand how you are still parenting yourself. In this 90 minute session I will teach you how to uplift that inner child so you can begin to be less triggered, feel more peaceful and feel more aligned with your authentic self. 90 minute, Raise your Vibration session

More Ways To Work Together

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Meditation Series

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Four 60-minute sessions live on Zoom or in person. They can be recorded, so you will have them whenever you need to deepen your meditation practice. 

Energy Healing Session

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A single private 90-minute session, live on Zoom or in person, where we begin to explore your inner blocks in your body’s seven energy centers or chakras.

Magnetic Manifesting Kits

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The first step to creating a solid foundation for manifesting your desire to clear the pathway, and this kit will help you do just that.

Sparkle and Shine Kits

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Creative energy is sparked by play, but when was the last time you truly let your inner child play? Your Sparkle and Shine kit will allow you to unlock your creative spark and create play your way. 

Your Magnetic Life Retreats

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Join Sarah’s next in-person retreat,  create your own experience in a Sacred Space rental or let Vie design & guide you on the most transformational travel excursion you’ve ever had!

Join Our FREE Weekly Circle

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Every Sunday, we meet at 9 am EST to chat about all things Spiritual Awakening. Be surrounded by like-minded #NoMatterWhat women on the same path to healing as you.

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