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Let Your Inner Golden Sparkle Shine: The Little Girl Who Never Stopped Believing In Herself.

"5.0 out of 5 stars! A beautiful book for children and adults alike!"

"Something to be shared by children and parents alike - a wonderful story with a strong rooted lesson in how to grow and love without judgement." - Verified Purchase Review on Amazon
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I Wish I'd Known: 10 Ways to Break Ancestral Patterns, Free Yourself from the Past, and Manifest Your Dreams

"5.0 out of 5 stars! How to overcome past pain to improve our lives"

"We all carry emotional, trauma and pain from our childhood. Even those who claim they had the perfect childhood carry some baggage. Great words to help throw out that baggage and improve our adult lives" - Verified Purchase Review on Amazon
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Sacred Kitchen: Abundant Plate (COMING SOON!)


#1 Best-selling author Sarah Vie does it again! This new lifestyle book acts as a well-rounded guide to living in alignment (mind + body + soul). Join the wait list to get your signed copy of Sarah Vie’s newest book with recipes, stories, beautiful images, and more!
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