Magnetic Manifesting Kit


Directions to begin clearing:

Magnetic Manifesting First step: light your candle of intention. 

Magnetic Manifesting Second step: fill your sacred bowl with alkaline water. 

Magnetic Manifesting Third step: write on your dissolvable paper stripes what you would like to lovingly let go of. A limited thought, a heavy emotion etc. 

Magnetic Manifesting Fourth step: take a moment and close your eyes, breathing in calm peaceful energy. Focus on this new possibility. Then gently place the letting go papers into the water and watch them disappear. 

Magnetic Manifesting Fifth step: light your Palo Santo stick and allow the energetic smoke purify your new open space within. 

Magnetic Manifesting Sixth step: Vibrate from your new energy and enjoy your beautiful life. Feel as if it’s already healed. ❤️

Remember… Your inner feeling is your magnet!


When we are on the path of manifesting,  we get to notice our blocks. Our blocks are the limitations that we identify with. This Magnetic Manifesting kit will help you to unearth what is stopping you from living your most abundant, happy and joyful life. 

Let go of the stories that you are holding onto and make space for what is here for you to experience!

Your Magnetic Life is waiting for you!

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