Be Abundant Now Retreat

A transformative 4hr online workshop and wellness retreat designed exclusively for those ready to embark on a profound spiritual healing journey where you’ll dive deep into the realms of abundance, release limiting beliefs, and manifest the energy of prosperity.

AUGUST 17TH 2023

9:00AM -11:00AM EST

1:00PM -3:00PM EST


Have you tried everything to manifest something and it’s just not working?

Does any little frustration throw off your day, week, month or even year?

When things feel overwhelming, do you fall back into ... scarcity  mindset?  ... old  patterns? ... poor  habits? ... judgement?

If you’ve tried various manifesting techniques without success, struggle to maintain a centered mindset amidst chaos, and desire to break free from societal & personal limitations, this retreat is tailor-made for you.

Join Sarah Vie on a Journey to Unlimited Abundance!

Register now to immerse yourself in an unforgettable experience of spiritual growth, deep connection, and soulful transformation. 

Let your journey to wealth, joy, and fulfillment begin August 17th!

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- Sarah Vie

Elevate Your Vibrational "Baseline"

Discover the secret to sustaining your newfound vibrational frequency.

Uncover Your Potential

Delve into the essence of your personal abundance with Sarah’s experiential exercises.

Cultivate The Seeds

Identify and eliminate the obstacles that block your manifesting power.

Harness Your
Inner Magnet

Experience a guided Meditation designed to help you understand and align your thoughts, actions, and feelings.

Future Pulling

Immerse yourself in your manifestations, amplifying the emotions that will turn your dreams into existence.

Trust, Command, Take Inspired Action

Discover the potency of “Show Me Prayers” to create your own sacred language.

immerse yourself in

unlimited abundance

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Who is this event for?

Throughout this 1-day online workshop and wellness retreat, participants will embark on a profound exploration of abundance. They will learn powerful techniques to elevate their vibration, uncover and eliminate limiting beliefs, and align with the energy of prosperity. Led by expert facilitators, attendees will engage in self-reflection, guided meditations, storytelling exercises, and manifestation practices. They will gain a deep understanding of their personal definition of abundance and discover how to call in their manifestations with unwavering faith and inspired action. The retreat will provide a nurturing space for participants to connect with the divine, trust their inner guidance, and embrace the joyous energy of love, gratitude, and fulfillment. By the end of this retreat, attendees will have experienced profound shifts, release scarcity mindset, and be equipped with practical tools to manifest abundance in all aspects of their lives.

What you'll learn

Through guided meditations, storytelling exercises, and manifestation practices, you’ll discover your personal definition of abundance and learn to manifest your deepest desires with unwavering faith and inspired action. Embrace the joyous energy of love, gratitude, and fulfillment as you connect with the divine and unlock the keys to manifesting abundance in all areas of your life. Don’t miss this opportunity to experience profound shifts and unleash your unlimited potential. 

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