Embody Your Being

An Energetic Journey To Your Infinite Truth

Come with me on a journey inward to unlock the truth of your Being. The being which was birthed to you. Your infinite truth, your spiritual awakening and authentic self love awaits. With the practice of Meditation, energy healing and embodiment mentoring, I will take you to a place of healing.

I offer this journey to you in either 3, 6 or 9 month experiences. Each journey is individual. I take each of my seekers of self in a slow, but powerful way to that inner quiet center, where we can shift into authentic happiness, joy, confidence and a life of fulfilled abundance. That aligned energy that will change everything.

Phase 1: Clearing

Phase 2: Awakening

Phase 3: Manifesting

Fundamentally this is the most powerful phase in this inner journey. This phase begins by “redecorating” your mind space. Clearing is the foundational work to our infinite truth. You will learn to release those old beliefs and limitations from the past, to make space for what is waiting for you. The practice of understanding your triggers, healing your inner child and releasing unhealed energy, is part of the support that will begin your process of truth seeking. Give yourself the gift of detachment.

This is the magical part of the inner journey, “your golden light”. You'll begin trusting in and listening to your own inner language, your own intuition and your own truth.  The trust  you will begin to unravel will give you the confidence to be ready to manifest all that is waiting for you. You will begin feeling the flow of your inner reservoir. Your body and mind will feel light, aligned and liberated from that old identity that stopped you from attracting what has been waiting for you.

After setting and strengthening the tone of our inner foundation, believing in our infinite truth and living from this energy, we then and only then, can we manifest what has been awaiting us. When we open our heart center with authentic energy anything is possible. Your purpose shows up, abundance shows up and the life that you have always wished to live becomes clear, cohesive energy. The energy that will attract everything you desire.

Ready to begin?