Your Magnetic Life Retreat

This immersive experience is currently SOLD OUT. Please join our waitlist for the latest updates. 

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☆ Do you set a goal, get excited but then feel pulled back by self-doubt, fear and not feeling good enough?

☆ Do you get into a new relationship that is amazing at the beginning but then turns into the same problems you’ve faced in previous relationships?

☆ Do you want to make a bigger impact and contribution with your gifts but worry you don’t have what it takes or you’re unworthy?

☆ Do people in your life think you’re amazing but deep down you question your worth and abilities to manifest the dreams of your heart?


If even one of these is you, join us for this extraordinary immersion retreat.


Get ready to clear out any old painful stories and let go through powerful guided meditations & transformational coaching


Begin to heal your energy through the expansive power of reiki clearing and connection to Spirit


Simply nourish your body and soul with delicious superfoods prepared by Food Network star, The Traveling Chef, Nina Vietri


Allow yourself to be filled with the beautiful vibrations of Divine energy through sacred sound baths with Sound Practitioner Julie Fisher of Gifted Alchemy, whose Sound Elixirs are featured on Dreampod’s audio programs.


Finally you will start to manifest from your highest Self to attract all that you desire:

Love, beauty, peace, abundance, and beyond!


At this retreat, you will:

☆ Spend quality time with your inner child & your highest self through transformational coaching exercises with Sarah Vie

☆ Receive love, healing energy, guidance and clarity through Sacred Sound Baths.

☆ Venture through the transformative and powerful vortexes in Sedona, Arizona and participate in Expansive Tarot sessions.

☆ Begin to open to the new possibilities of inner healing

It's Time For Your Spiritual Awakening

Your Magnetic Life Retreat Sedona Arizona January 2022

Are you ready to open yourself up to one of the most transformational and powerful experiences of 2022?

If you desire deeply potent connections with like-hearted soul sisters, nourishment for your mind/body/soul, and spiritual cleansing in one of the most sacred lands on Earth, then…

Secure your spot for Your Magnetic Life Retreat 

The time and space spent outside of our daily habits leads us to important discoveries about how loved and supported we truly are.

Experience the grandness of Sedona and see how that majestic landscape reflects your true inner beauty by going on retreat with Sarah Vie.

We would love it if you joined in.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Guests will arrive  January 21, 2022 and depart on January 23rd.

> You will begin your energetic exchange with only $777 as a non-refundable down payment. The remaining amount of $1445 will be paid no later than 12/31/21 and can be paid in installments when coordinated with Sarah Vie.

> Your total investment for lodging, meals, and healing services is $2222 USD. This does not include transportation*

> Your energetic exchange is a powerful Angel Number that means “Positive Energies Are Manifesting For You. – Mind Your Body Soul.”

2222 Angel Number encourages you to live a life of balance, peace, and harmony in every circumstance of life. Trust in yourself and the divine energy that everything will turn out to the highest good.

Yes! Your meals will be intentionally crafted by Food Network’s Nina Vietri. When you are in our care, your senses will be completely nourished.

*Our team will inquire about any food allergies before your arrival.

Yes! We have secured a beautiful residence in the heart of Sedona with beautiful Red Rock views that is awaiting your beautiful spirit. 

*Our team will arrange the room arrangements for you.

You are responsible to be in charge of your travel plans to arrive in Sedona, Arizona.

Our team will contact you to get your travel itinerary so we can ensure your attendance. As we get closer to the event, we will help coordinate ride shares and carpools, if you are interested. 

If you would like some assistance, please reach out to our team.

Sound baths, also known as sound healing, can reveal the Oneness that is difficult to perceive using just the five senses alone. A variety of instruments, such as singing bowls, gong, bells, drums are used to create a soundscape that takes each participant on a unique journey. It is common to experience visions, recollections, downloads, as well as relaxation, release of tension, rest and a deep sense of peace and clarity. In this retreat, Julie will use Moldavite infused quartz singing bowls and her voice to create sound vibrations to gently release stress and restore serenity.

Be present and you will receive Spiritual abundance that will open your body – mind – and Soul so that you are a channel to receive all that you wish to manifest. 

Your senses will be completely pampered in this nourishing environment where you do not need to lift a finger, simply open your heart.

When you leave, you will feel as though you have cleared the reservoir of stagnant energy that has been weighing you down and you will be filled with golden light. All who see you will take notice. 

Have an open mind, open heart and a belief and trust that you are safely being guided to your truest self.

Allow our team to tend to the details. 

Meet Your Hosts

Reiki Energy Healer Sarah Vie


Sarah Vie is a nationally and internationally known energy healer, meditation guide and Emotional Healing Coach., based in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. She is also a best selling author of the beloved children’s book, Let Your Inner Golden Sparkle Shine.

She has helped countless women and men to “Clear” ancestral pain and trauma so that true potential is revealed.

As the founder of Sarah Vie, LLC, she has been featured as a monthly columnist with Thrive Global publications., she has written articles for Authority magazine, Modern Mom and Woman Around Town. She has been seen on ABC, NBC, FOX news affiliates.

Nina Vietri, Food Network's The Traveling Chef


Nina has always had a love for cooking at a young age. Family gatherings and Holidays is where she realized this was her true calling and passion. Her grandfather inspired her the most to follow her dreams.

Nina always knew her career as a chef would happen after she took a leap of faith and changed her career after being a preschool teacher. Over the years she created her own Italian flare, filming ocean to table cuisine, and getting ready to film with food network which was the one of her biggest dreams to achieve.

Nina is currently writing cook book. The cook book will be designed as ” A dish for everyone”. It will focus on Italian dishes, holiday recipes, chakra healing recipes and personal stories that led her to become a chef.

Julie Fischer, Sound Healer


Julie is a talented reorganizer.

Through her gift for Sound, she reorganizes people’s perception of life by revealing the peace and perfection that is already present.

She reorganizes the way her clients experience life through powerful one-on-one sessions called Treatment that expose limiting beliefs and destroy them.

She has reorganized countless bodies over the span of a twenty+ year career as a talented licensed massage therapist and seeker of Truth.

Currently SOLD OUT